Arts & Wellness | Creativity for Well-being

Third Thursdays from 5:30-7:00 PM 

GreenHill supports the development of the life-long learner through creative programs that foster personal wellness. Arts & Wellness classes are for participants who seek to nourish their creativity through hands-on art activities designed to inspire mindfulness and community fellowship. Each session will begin with a group check-in, followed by art making and creative expression followed by a guided tour of the exhibition in The Gallery. Participants of all artistic backgrounds and abilities are welcomed and will be guided through the creative process.



April 20 | Mantra Mosaics

Create a work of art out of broken pieces with a mantra mosaic. Mantras are often used in meditative practice as a way to keep the mind focused on a certain goal. In this class, participants will create visual representations of their personal mantra through the art of mosaic. Participants will be invited to explore various ceramic tiles, broken pieces and found objects to create a cement mosaic representing a meaningful word or phrase. 


May 18 | Creating Sacred Space with Cigar Box Altars

Transform any environment into a sacred space with a personal altar. Altars are visual “spiritual centers” than can serve as reminder to pause, reflect and re-energize.  Participants will be invited to choose from recycled materials, found objects and small personal items to create an assemblage within a cigar box to serve as their own creative altar.