GreenHill Celebrates 40 Years

Last year I spent some time talking to some of GreenHill’s founding members. I wanted to understand how GreenHill came to be…what was the motivation and who were the driving forces behind it. I met with Joan Gregory, Ginger Booker, and Sue Seagrove to talk about their memories of the early days. At the time I wanted to learn more about GreenHill as we had formed a task force to study our name to see if we should change it. (And we did, but not drastically, Green Hill Center for NC Art {a mouthful} to simply GreenHill {short and sweet}). Meeting with these three wonderful woman I heard a lot of names, some new to me and some not—Hope Beaman, Dot Latham, Betty Jane Edwards, Bert Carpenter, and Claudius Dockery were just a few. I heard that providing a gallery space for professional artists was a priority, that having a statewide mission of supporting North Carolina artists was there from the start, and that in 1974, some of the best artists were coming out of the art department at UNC Greensboro, which I have heard referred to as the Greensboro School.  On October 7, 1974 Green Hill Art Gallery was incorporated and soon found a home at the Sternberger House on Summit Avenue. GreenhHill has moved three times since, to the old News and Record building (i.e., Greensboro Cultural Center), while it was being renovated we moved to 327 South Elm Street, and finally back to our current home, the Greensboro Cultural Center at 200 North Davie Street.

Now, as we are entering our forty-first year, and are going to spend a year celebrating our 40th anniversary, it is important to remember our past, celebrate our achievements, recognize how they inform our present and help guide us in our future but never hold us back. GreenHill has a rich and important history, right up to this minute. We have served well over a million visitors, shown work of over 9,800 artists, traveled shows, brought in outside curators, given artists the opportunity to have important retrospectives, shown comprehensive surveys of mediums and genres, started an award-winning program in ArtQuest, reached into our community to serve and we have always strived for excellence in all we do. 

Come along on a journey with us this year as we look back with “Throw Back Thursdays,” take trips to artist studios and the NC Museum of Art where GreenHill will be presenting an exhibition, Line, Touch, Trace, and have a celebratory cupcake at First Fridays and exhibition openings. Look for things to change, for unexpected exhibitions, for us to continue to present engaging and creative programs, and to collaborate with peer organizations and schools.  This year, and for the decades to come, we are committed to supporting and advocating for artists and working to achieve our vision of being the preeminent visual arts center celebrating North Carolina arts and culture.



Laura Way, Executive Director